Describe what you do creatively.
To be honest, I am not really sure. As life rolls along it has become apparent that physical activity is a starting point for ideas. Otherwise, I just pick up the pieces available to me and attempt to contextualise them in some semblance of order, or maybe more so disorder, using whatever creative medium and skill is at my disposal or interest. From there, it ends up being a duel between what is continually morphing in my head and what begrudgingly comes out from my hand.

Do you identify as an artist, illustrator, designer or something else?
I generally try not to overly identify as anything specific. I’m more just a melange of everything and anything, existing as much as humanly possible in a fluid grey zone possibly in reaction to the necessity in society to impose role/identity or as much as the culturally imposed identities we develop as we trundle along.

Do you stick to a defined stylistic direction in your work?
Quite possibly so, but more in relation to what can be defined by my limits as much as by the fact that what comes through me is still essentially me and yet in many ways it is channelling whatever I absorb and respond to. I suppose there is some kind of stylistic consistency in whatever I do, even if it isn’t obvious.
What colours and/or shapes excite you?
Orange seems to offer a strong resonance… but then I love all tones of grey; from the darkest black to the lightest white. That said, the kinetic energy of a multiplicity of random colours is something I always find thrilling. As for shapes, circles or circular forms (squircles), anything irregular or triangles excite me. Then there is the repetition of shapes or the shapes of text.

What is your relationship with chaos?
I feel like chaos has been a kind of a welcomed roadmap to the freefall… but then I also stop myself and check the privilege in thinking such a thing because true chaos is living in a warzone or under the constant threat of discrimination or disenfranchisement, or being stateless. In creative process terms, I love allowing chaotic impact to direct my flow of interest. I look at the accidental and random mistakes as steps forward.
Do you take risks or play it safe?
Risk can manifest in a variety of ways. I suppose in the context of creativity, leaving the comfort zone or challenging oneself, I tend to find every creative extrusion is squirming under the risk of execution, so I try to leave any anxiety to drift into action and play. If you are prepared to assume and assimilate that risk… then just fall on in. Then the echoes of any hidden message might just come bouncing back to greet you.
What discourages you from being creative?
Outside the ever-growing vagaries of daily life, I struggle with having something to say… either wading through too much or not enough. Or just the excess of self-criticism and never-ending series of hurdles I can be prone to seeking and erecting. Or just taking the long way round to get home… because at the end of the day it is all about the climbing up and down than reaching any peak. I suppose the view might be great, but you’ve missed the core of the being.
What are you expecting from the RMXTV experience?
No idea to be honest. Which, as I write that, could also literally mean no ideas to be honest. That will be a wall to climb, or maybe crawl up and hide behind?
What do you know about the RMX projects?
Just layers and layers of confusion and drifting ideas in a mashed-up shell of immersion: underlaid, overworked, chopped up, spliced, diced, hold on, are we all in the room alone?