Describe what you do creatively.
I investigate the relationship between forms and structures, drawing attention to the interaction of colour shape, size, positioning and space.

Do you identify as an artist, illustrator, designer or something else?

Do you stick to a defined stylistic direction in your work?
Generally geometric abstraction, yet the work continually evolves.

If so, describe that direction and what led to that decision.
The lack of rules.

What colours and/or shapes excite you?
Hard edged forms and a diverse colour palette.

What is your relationship with chaos?
I have a very close relationship with chaos working from home and having a 3-year-old.

Do you take risks or play it safe?
During experimental phases I certainly take risks. Then, I generally develop key aspects or discoveries much further from there, which often have underlying mathematical arrangements.

What discourages you from being creative?
Being tired.

What are you expecting from the RMXTV experience?
Experimentation and collaboration.

What do you know about the RMX projects?
The projects aim to push the boundaries of experimentation and collaboration.