Describe what you do creatively.
I have painted graffiti and street art for the last 35 years. I have painted trains and commissions in a variety of locations, including rooftops in Hong Kong, New York City subways, Oslo, the Berlin Wall, Paris Catacombs, Mumbai and Auckland. I also create site specific installations. I have published a handful of books including 'Born to Bomb – Highlights of Brisbane Graffiti 1985-1992'. My T-shirt label ONE EIGH THREE has produced over 70 different prints with a large range of artists including MIKE GIANT, SHEPARD FAIREY, FUZZ ONE, DUSTER, BLADE, BLOVED ONE, Peter Frickman and myself.

Do you identify as an artist, illustrator, designer or something else?
Over the years I have worn many hats. I am primarily a painter, but photography, for instance, is a large amount of my creative work. 

Do you stick to a defined stylistic direction in your work?
My work is site-specific, so each space is considered individually. Audience, location, politics and physicality of the space are some of the considerations I have prior to any painting taking place. In part, a 'Zen' approach is applied, where hours or days of contemplation take place before a deliberate action. 

If so, describe that direction and what led to that decision.
My art practice is an extension of many aspects of my life. I apply all the considerations listed above to my regular activities, whether it be buying groceries, teaching my daughters to surf or painting. 

What colours and/or shapes excite you?
I prefer a maximalist rather than a minimalist approach, generally. Saying that, I will restrict my palette to black, white and 'rubber ducky' yellow for this RMX painting project. Maybe one or two light greys. 

What is your relationship with chaos?
Chaos is my only consistency. 

Do you take risks or play it safe?
Life is short, take risks, both physical and creative, at least twice a day. 

What discourages you from being creative?

What are you expecting from the RMXTV experience?
Often these collaborative painting opportunities come up overseas. I have not travelled like so many of us over this last year so RMXTV is a great, fun opportunity to paint and meet new creative folks.