Describe what you do creatively.
Every day I'm trying something different creatively, but I mainly focus on illustration by discovering new ways of executing it through painting, soft craft and digital work. 

Do you identify as an artist, illustrator, designer or something else?
I would say I identify as an illustrator and designer, but I dabble in a bit of everything so it's hard to pinpoint me sometimes. I like to be constantly learning and trying new things!

Do you stick to a defined stylistic direction in your work?
I tend to tweak my illustrations slightly every now and then to give off a different vibe, but I normally tend to stick to the same stylistic direction.

If so, describe that direction and what led to that decision.
My style is defined by simple line work with a limited colour palette. It sort of just happened, I suppose, as I normally keep my illustrations fairly simple so the idea behind it stands out more. I don't get too technical with the execution, but sometimes I like to take the extra step just to see what will happen.

What colours and/or shapes excite you?
Warm, earthy colours like yellow, dark green, orange and brown. I love a good Starburst shape and poorly drawn circle. 

What is your relationship with chaos?
My sketchbook is a good reflection of my relationship with chaos – I don't turn the page until it is entirely filled with doodles.

Do you take risks or play it safe?
Depends on the situation, but I always like to break the rules and take a different, "riskier" approach to my concepts to create something unique. If I were to do a big ol' painting, I’d play it safe for a good while until I'm comfortable to try something wild. 

What discourages you from being creative?
Music plays a big part in my process, so when I'm forced to listen to something I don't like, my creativity drains very quickly. Also, not having the right tools at hand makes things difficult creatively.

What are you expecting from the RMXTV experience?
To be honest I'm not sure what to expect but I know it's going to be weird, different and a lot of fun.

What do you know about the RMX projects?
Being trapped in a room for four hours with nothing but drawing and painting materials and having a bit of freedom to get messy.