Do you identify as an artist, illustrator, designer or something else?
I would say I identify as an artist. Although I’m mostly a painter, I’ve got a love for many art forms.

Do you stick to a defined stylistic direction in your work?
I have a small range of defined styles I use in my everyday art, like specific colours and shapes mixed together.

If so, describe that direction and what led to that decision.
I paint contemporary Indigenous art, mixing traditional aspects with my own modern contemporary twist. These ideas of mixing the two together has led me to a specific style. I’d love to experiment with different styles but I generally let them evolve over time instead of forcing it.

What colours and/or shapes excite you?
I love using bright, bold colours with more earthy colours creating a contrast between traditional and contemporary styles.

What is your relationship with chaos?
I have an on-and-off relationship with chaos. I like to think I have some kind of control over a situation; it’s somewhat calming. However, I enjoy being able to put myself out of my comfort zone when the time is right.

Do you take risks or play it safe?
I like to play it safe a lot of the time. I love having a plan for a lot of my pieces but some of the best ideas I’ve had have come to me when I’ve felt the urge to take a risk and try something new.

What discourages you from being creative?
The main thing that discourages me from being creative is my full-time day job. Unfortunately, I find that I’m often too tired to do all of the creative things I want to do. Trying to find that harmony between the two is challenging and eventually I’d love to be creating full time.

What are you expecting from the RMXTV experience?
I’m going to gain a bit more experience in letting go and going with the flow of things. I hope to learn new things about myself as an artist.

What do you know about the RMX projects?
I’ve only heard of the projects recently but I know they’re huge collaborative pieces altering and changing an image over a period of time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this coming project turns out. It will be incredible to see other creatives in the same piece.