No more anxiety, no more memory of misery, no more tedium, no more stale habit. We gambled with images, and there were no losers. 
-  Paul Eluard
Learning from chaos
since 2000

What happened?

A curated selection of 20 participants painted on a large-scale purpose-built environment at the Museum of Brisbane. Each participant worked alone or in small groups in the gallery and followed a series of prompts over the course of four hours. The space evolved throughout May with each participant’s work layering over the last, creating an ever changing collaborative work.

This project was called RMXTV

RMXTV was live at the Museum of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from May 7-30 2021 .


Every RMX project has been born from a series of technical and conceptual limitations. Over the last year we’ve all become accustomed to different work practices in order to stay sane and creatively productive. RMXTV embraces these new ways of working. For this project, the rules, directions and guides are being delivered in the form of video prompts. That's why we're calling it RMXTV.The morphing environment will be documented and shared.