What is RMX?

RMX is a series of collaborative projects and workshops inspired by music remixing and the spirit of the Surrealist’s Exquisite Corpse. Artwork is reworked and reinvented step by step, modified, added to and erased. The goal is to liberate creative thought by playing and taking risks. The end result is a fantastical, often ridiculous, always eye-opening sequence.

Since the project’s inception in 2000, participants have remixed digital images emailed from person to person, reworked sewn toys and mailed them round the world, and layered paint to transform and recreate a workshop space.

Sometimes the remixing has spanned years, other times it’s taken place over the course of hours – but no matter the length, or the number of participants, the essence of RMX has remained the same; to harness the power of chance and the unexpected through chaotic free play.