RMX The Beginning

The idea of remixing design work was something of a novelty in 2000; graphic collaborations usually entailed a linear process of refinement towards an agreed aesthetic goal, or were collaborative in the concept stages but not execution. So, the freedom to transfigure a work in any manner (from subtle to brutal) was very liberating, and engendered some new ways of working together that we may not have arrived at without having the RMX playground to laugh, cry, fight and run around in.

At the time we were disillusioned by the business of design and desperate for a visual pick me up. We chose eight themes ranging from the relevant to the ridiculous, which were then turned into the initial eight visual pieces. These eight pieces were then passed sequentially to each player, being remixed each step of the way, with each participant not seeing the previous works before it was their turn to remix.

We gathered weekly to exchange files and we recorded a meeting which was then used as raw source material to create an RMX soundtrack

The energy and enthusiasm was palpable throughout and from the very beginning we had an emphasis on process over product.

The experience of working in such a fun and unconstrained manner led us to ponder the possibility of continuing to work in that mode. Six of the participants formed design collective, Rinzen who went on to work together for the next ten years.